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Intruder Baits Mutant MTBS 3" 5/8 Oz Bleeding Shad

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Intruder Baits Mutant MTBS 3" 5/8 Oz Bleeding Shad

Dedicated to bringing you high quality, high producing lures for today's fishing market. Designs are created with the discriminating fisherman in mind, which means the majority of todays fisherman. We strive to bring you lures with the attributes that attract both fish and fisherman alike.

Besides the obvious differences from the normal lipless lures, the current Mutant is as it's best when worked a bit slower than is possible when fishing the majority of lipless lures.... The resulting factor of it's non-typical lipless design, makes it a more weedless/snagless lure because of the wide head and belly profile.

This is a very, versatile tool/lure when used with a bit more attention than one would expect when fishing a reaction baits, also great for stop and go around cover.

Brand: Intruder Baits
Product Category: Crankbait
Condition: New

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