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Matzuo Mini- Monsuta MZM15HN-HFT 9" 1.5 Oz Hot Firetiger ***CASE PACK***

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Matzuo Mini- Monsuta MZM15HN-HFT 9" 1.5 Oz Hot Firetiger ***CASE PACK***

***CASE PACK Contains 6 Lures***

The MONSUTA (translated Monster) is one vicious double-bladed Muskie spinner. It churns up an incredible racquet with its dual magnum Indiana brass blades while we�ve meticulously tied the INDUSTRIES FIRST double threat teaser. By combining natural bucktail, flashabou we create a unique and irresistibly pulsating tail action. Finally, to land a monster we've outfitted this beast with quality Matzuo an extra heavy duty treble hook, forged split rings and trophy strength shrink tubed wire.
No fish with teeth is safe with this MONSUTA in your tackle box!

Dual #8 Magnum Indiana blades were chosen because they have the highest rotational speed & flash with the least drag.
Industries first double combination of bucktail and flashabou dressing create a huge flowing profile.

Brand: Matzuo
Product Category: Spinners
Condition: New

SKU: 209407
UPC: 691791610617
EAN: 0691791610617

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