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Bill Lewis Mark Daniels Square Bill 3/8oz Chartreuse Shiner

Product Details

Bill Lewis Mark Daniels Square Bill 3/8oz Chartreuse Shiner

Bill Lewis SB52 Mark Daniels Square
Bill 3/8oz Chartreuse Shiner
Floating-Diving Model, 0-6 FT, #4 hooks, 2.25" in length, Silverado

Designed and tested by Bass Pro Tour angler and shallow water expert, Mark Daniels Jr., the Bill Lewis SB-57 Squarebill delivers top shelf performance at a price that can’t be beaten. Built with super thin walls that feature a unique honeycomb construction, the Bill Lewis SB-57 Squarebill produces a fast wobbling action that hunts through shallow water and aggravates fish to bite. It also features a hybrid coffin circuit board lip that increases sensitivity and causes erratic deflections off cover to trigger intense reaction strikes.

Another key feature of the Bill Lewis SB-57 Squarebill is its internal rattle system that produces a subtle one-knocking noise that is not too loud and not too soft to call fish in dirty water and low light conditions. It is also perfectly weighted for a slower assent so that it stays in the strike zone longer when paused, giving fish more time to bite. Outfitted with premium hardware right out of the package as well, it is armed with two razor-sharp Mustad Triple Grip hooks for a superior hook-up ratio and so that anglers don’t have to waste time and money upgrading hooks. Offered in a selection of custom hand painted colors, the Bill Lewis SB-57 Squarebill is a must-have for every shallow water specialist.

Brand: Bill Lewis
Product Category: Crankbait
Condition: New

SKU: 286078
UPC: 051875330525
EAN: 0051875330525

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