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FAS ABA Pro 100% Fluorocarbon 33lb Clear 109 yds

Product Details

FAS ABA Pro 100% Fluorocarbon 33lb Clear 109 yds

After several decades of selling fisherman the best name brand, high quality fishing tackle & related items at the best deals possible, we have went a step further to bring you our own brand of fishing tackle and related items. We have the same goal in mind with our branded items & our goal is simple; we strive our focus on value and quality that carries our same unconditional 30 day money back guaranty. Since our brand’s goal is to provide the best value possible, many of our items do not have expensive packaging that only catch fisherman, not fish!!

Super strong Factory Fluorocarbon Japan Strong.
Good Transparency & High Quality.
High Quality Performance Makes It Popular!
Durable Performance High Strength.
Supple & Easy To Handle.
Super Natural Spools well Onto The Reel & Is Easy To Keep Organized.
More Convenient Casting & Retrieving Means Bigger Catches.
Moderate Stretch Minimizes Excessive Shocks, With The Tenacity To Endure Past The Limit.
Stable Line Diameter.
Low Memory Line That Is Resistance To Kinks & Curls.

Brand: FAS (FishAndSave)
Product Category: Line / Leaders
Condition: New

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