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FAS Rigged Octopus Squid 4" Pearl/Orange

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FAS Rigged Octopus Squid 4" Pearl/Orange

After several decades of selling fisherman the best name brand, high quality fishing tackle & related items at the best deals possible, we have went a step further to bring you our own brand of fishing tackle and related items. We have the same goal in mind with our branded items & our goal is simple; we strive our focus on value and quality that carries our same unconditional 30 day money back guaranty. Since our brand’s goal is to provide the best value possible, many of our items do not have expensive packaging that only catch fisherman, not fish!!

Dual 2.5/0 Hooks

Made using the highest quality materials, engineered to help anglers catch more fish.
Replicates trout-attracting features of small worms and other forage, can be used in freshwater for giant largemouth bass.

These soft fishing lures can be fished on a weighted swimbait hook, a-rig or spinner bait, jig head or worm fishing hooks, wide gap hook. These fishing worms can be fished deep or shallow,
through grass or wood, skipped under docks,or on an umbrella rig.

Unique body design is great for all live bait. The tapered design ribbed body distorts
the shape to a more natural appearance. Proven and remarkable swimming action, swims perfectly at
any speed. The ribbed body design provides protection for the hook point and ensures solid hook ups.

Brand: FAS (FishAndSave)
Product Category: Misc. Lures
Condition: New

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