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Fish Lab Carnada Slow Pitch Jig CSP-300-BP 5-1/2" 10.6 Oz Blue Pink

Product Details

Fish Lab Carnada Slow Pitch Jig CSP-300-BP 5-1/2" 10.6 Oz Blue Pink

The Carnada Slow Pitch Jig is designed for vertical presentation on meter marks or over and near structure. These jigs are designed to move sideways through the water column as they sink so they stay in the strike zone longer. Designed to be fished with a slower lift and fall retrieve to mimic injured or dying baitfish. Available in five lengths and weights to cover all fishing conditions and situations. 4 100 gram, 4 ? 150 gram, 5 200 gram, 5 ? 250 gram and massive 5 ? 300 gram sizes. The 200, 250 and 300 gram sizes are available in glow patterns for pelagic species or bottom fish. The 250 and 300 gram sizes come rigged with a Mustad Stainless Steel 7691 hook for west coast Bluefin Tuna fishing or oversized and toothy gamefish that can quickly chew through braid rigged assist hooks.

Fish Lab CSP-300-BP Carnada Slow
Pitch Jig, Blue Pink, 5-1/2", 300gm
Flutter/Sinking Action, Mustad SS 7691 Tuna Hook

Brand: Fish Lab
Product Category: Jigs
Condition: New

SKU: 285545
UPC: 840083402977
EAN: 0840083402977

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