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Hyperlastics Nat' Shrimp Floating 4" 1/4 oz. 3 Bodies and 1 Hook - Rootbeer

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Comes with 3 bodies and 1 #1/0 Hook

A Patrick Sébile design, the Nat’ Shrimp offers the most lifelike motion an artificial shrimp can. Antennae, legs and tail move with the slightest twitch, enticing predator fish to bite.

The Floating model can be rigged to mimic a specific action. Rigged on the first part of the tail, the wacky sideways motion of the floating shrimp is extremely effective, while focusing on a specific spot, like under a branch or dock light. With the right rod tip movement, it will pop! Hooked through the nose with the hook point up, it can be slowly retrieved or twitched with subtle lifelike leg motion - absolutely deadly! Also works great on a jighead, Carolina Rig and dropshot!