Safe N Dry Moisture & Odor Eliminator Small Qty 4
Safe N Dry Moisture & Odor Eliminator Small Qty 4

Safe N Dry Moisture & Odor Eliminator Small Qty 4

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Protect Your Investment from Mold & MildewSafeNDry is designed to keep humidity at a level below what mold and mildew need to grow. Simply, place in contained areas in your boat, RV or camper, garage, storage spaces, closets, basements, attics, etc. to extend the life of your assets and prevent them from being damaged.The Advantage of Using SafeNDryHigh humidity levels can lead to mold, mildew, rust and corrosion that can grow in as little as a two days, given a relative humidity of 30% or greater. Absorbs up to 158% of its weight in moisture. ? Bags are leak-proof and will contain all moisture inside and will not spill. ? Moisture will absorb throughout the entire bag, while similar products only absorb through vented sections. Product will expand and harden when full, indicating it needs replacement. ? Environmentally Safe, FDA Approved, Non Toxic and Easy to use. ?What is SafeNDry?SafeNDry is an industrial grade dehumidifier that prevents the growth of mold and mildew.What is in the bag?SafeNDry contains natural ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, and FDA approved. Each bag contains a unique blend of moisture absorbing and odor eliminating material to inhibit mold, mildew, rust, corrosion and odor.How long does it last?SafeNDry will start picking up moisture at 5% relative humidity (R.H.) and will keep it below 30%. Each bag can last up to several months depending on the climate and amount of moisture in a confined area.

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