Z-Man Og Mushroom Jigheads 1/32 Oz Blue Qty 4

Z-Man Og Mushroom Jigheads 1/32 Oz Blue Qty 4

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The Z-Man OG Mushroom Jigheads is a classic, "old school" mushroom-shaped lead jig head designed for Midwest finesse fishing techniques like the Ned rig. Built with a design similar to the old Gopher Mushroom Head jigs that Ned Kehde, the Midwest bass angler who invented the modern Ned rig, used when he was developing this presentation, the OG Mushroom is a faithful homage to the jighead that helped start it all.

The OG Mushroom Jighead has the signature half-moon shaped head that helps it hop around on the bottom without getting hung-up as well a tiny (size 4 on the 1/32 ounce and 1/16 models, size 2 on the 3/32 ounce model), light-wire VMC NeedlePoint hook perfect for this finesse presentation. Additionally, the jighead has a double baitkeeper mo4lded into the hook shank for securely holding soft plastics and is finished off a with a durable powder-coated paint finish that doesn't easily chip.

Z-Man OG132-05PK4 Og Mushroom
Jigheads 1/32 Oz 4 Pack - Blue

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