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Superfly FLY1288-04P-US Streamer Muddler Minnow Gold 2/pk

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A Muddler Minnow - 2 Pack will set you up well to imitate freshwater sculpins, a small, bottom-dwelling baitfish that populate cool, headwater streams and often live in a not-so-harmonious fashion with brown and brook trout. Various species of sculpins that the Muddler Minnow imitates reside throughout the Northern Hemisphere and in areas you would tend to find trout, salmon, and smallmouth bass. Tied on a Daiichi hook, this version is of the classic Muddler Minnow pattern with a closely cropped deer hair head, wrapped gold tinsel for the body, and a mottled wing and tail. Because sculpins are abundant and can be found almost everywhere, trout and other gamefish seek them – take advantage of their hunt with a Muddler Minnow - 2 Pack!

  • Use for brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, salmon, smallmouth bass, and even pike
  • Mimics sculpins and various minnow species, terrestrials, and even a small mouse!
  • Technique: weighted, fish on the bottom and strip slowly with the occasional one-to-two-foot strip; unweighted, target the surface of smaller or shallow waters and strip in a variety of ways: slowly over weed beds to imitate a swimming baitfish; quick panicky strips in shallows or along shorelines where you can imitate a small creature that fell into the water
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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