Yo-Zuri OCTOPUS SKIRT 2-1/8"

Yo-Zuri OCTOPUS SKIRT 2-1/8" #2.0 Toxic Spill Flake QTY 5

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Yo-Zuri has made our world famous Octopus skirts available once again in the Western hemisphere. Yo-Zuri has manufactured the highest quality Octopus skirts for three decades and they are preferred professional fisherman across the globe. These incredibly realistic Baits should be A Major part of any offshore anglers spread for A variety of saltwater gamefish species. The deadly combination of rich vibrant colors, our proprietary "aurora" finish and unique swimming action make these Baits the choice for top anglers worldwide. Our proprietary vinyl formula, coupled with our exclusive manufacturing process, provides anglers with A soft yet extremely durable trolling bait. Yo-Zuri offers our Octopus squid skirts in three sizes; 4-1/4", 7-3/4" & 9-1/2". additionally, Yo-Zuri Octopus skirts are offered in A wide variety of colors and patterns designed to attract all manner of gamefish. Whether you are an angler using hoochie rigs for salmon & Steelhead or A big game Pro chasing Marlin, Yo-Zuri high quality skirts have stood the test of time and are A proven trolling lure across the globe

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