IT’S A WHOPPER! Great Falls teen lands new Montana state record

Boy with record montana fish

Samuel Grisak, a 15-year-old angler from Great Falls caught a new state record golden shiner on July 3 from Giant Springs Pond in Giant Springs State Park. Grisak’s fish weighed .03 pounds and measured 4.41 inches in length with a girth of 2.6 inches and was caught on a dry fly. This is the first golden shiner submitted to FWP’s fish record book.

LINK (via Montana Outdoor Radio Show)

The Golden Shiner

Golden Shiners are one of the largest minnow species in North America.They are popular forage for most freshwater game species. Some articles have even said that fishing guides in Florida catch over 90% of 10 lb. Largemouth Bass by using Golden Shiners as live bait.