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Hyperlastics Dartprop Topwater 5" Clear/Gold 2 Pack

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Utilizing advanced engineering and innovative design, the Hyperlastics Dartprop Topwater Prop Bait delivers the turbulent action needed to call big bass up to the surface. Constructed with Hyperlastic’s Softough durable material, it is built to take a beating with minimal wear and tear. Additionally, the Dartprop integrates their patent pending Instronghold composition in the tail section to securely anchor the water-spitting prop.

To allow anglers to more effectively target surface-feeding bass, the Hyperlastics Dartprop Topwater Prop Bait is buoyant enough to stay on top of the water even with a super slow retrieve. The Dartprop beckons to bass with a seductive side-to-side wobble that is complemented with the flash and churning of the tail prop. While it performs with efficiency in open water, its weedless design excels when the bait is worked through lily pads and other vegetation, or under overhanging cover. Outfitted with high quality components and enticing good looks, the Hyperlastics Dartprop Topwater Prop Bait is a cutting-edge addition to any topwater arsenal.