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Ocean Born Wideback Minnow 150 FL 6" 2-1/2 oz. Pink Silver

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Long casts and swimming action in any water! The Wideback Minnow™ has the body of a healthy baitfish, preferred by predators. Thanks to its unusual bulky volume, it is heavier than the vast majority of billed lures of similar length, thus it casts farther to cover more water.

The Patented lip offers optimized swimming action, strength and durability. This makes the Wideback Minnow™ a perfect match for use in calm, still waters, turbulent seas, or strong currents! The durable lip is also designed to withstand hitting hard structure, allowing the Wideback Minnow™ to last longer and catch more fish than traditional billed minnows.

The rolling action of the Wideback Minnow™ delivers a lot of flash and is perfect for a steady retrieve at any speed. It performs well at a slow/medium troll. Letting it work in an outflow current can be a great way to catch fish, as well! Long pulls or sharp jerks with a pause can sometimes produce better than anything else with this lure!