Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Minnow (F) R1211-HMT 1/4 Oz 2-3/4" Mullet
Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Minnow (F) R1211-HMT 1/4 Oz 2-3/4" Mullet

Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Minnow (F) R1211-HMT 1/4 Oz 2-3/4" Mullet

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Anything accustomed to dining on mackerel, mullet, or sardines will absolutely smash a Yo-Zuri Floating 3D Inshore Minnow! This floating shallow diver is deadly for working grass flats, oyster bars, mangrove edges, lighted docks, bridges, or beach troughs. Perfectly balanced and strategically weighted for precision casting with quick start-up on the retrieve, the Floating 3D Inshore Minnow polycarbonate body features Yo-Zuri patented, high-flash 3D prism hologram finish, proven to pull predators from long distances. This unique finish will never wear off, no matter how many toothy scratches the bait incurs. This round-bodied minnow bait exhibits a natural rolling action on a straight retrieve, punctuated by erratic darting motions when the rod is twitched. Made to handle big, aggressive fish, with extra-strong stainless steel hardware and Yo-Zuri own Super Tin saltwater trebles. Dive depth: 2.Deadly on saltwater predators in the shallowsPerfectly balanced designStrategically weighted for precision castingQuick start-ups for working close to coverRugged polycarbonate bodyPatented, high-flash 3D prism hologram finishIncredibly durable even when scratchedNatural straight rolling actionDarts erratically when rod is twitchedExtra-strong stainless steel hardwareSuper Tin saltwater treble hooksDive depth: 2

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